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Print Files Seamlessly From MacOS.

Simple Setup

Setup the Thermal printer using our Thermal Utility App.

Then simply choose the printer in DropPrint and start printing.

Drop Printing

Drop any ZPL, EPL, DPL, TSPL or PDF file onto the window or dock icon to print it instantly.

Folder Watching

Set DropPrint to watch a folder to have all ZPL, EPL, DPL, TSPL, and PDF files from that folder printed automatically.

Move Or Delete After Print

After files are printed they can be set to be moved to another folder or deleted.

Scale ZPL

Automatically scale up or down ZPL to suit your printer.


Notifications allow you to see when a file is sent to the printer.
What files were printed and to what printer.

Developers can add custom descriptions to print jobs when sending them from their own app or website.
See our integration guide for more info.

Choose what goes where.

Choose at print time which printer to send the file to.

URI Scheme

Our custom URI scheme allows developers to send files to print through DropPrint.

Developers can send local file locations or URLs to files on a server to DropPrint to print them from their app or website.

Developers can also set which printer to print to directly from their app and add custom descriptions for the print job.
See our integration guide for more info.

DropPrint is a free extra that comes with our

 Thermal Print System For Mac



Please note - You require a valid and activated Peninsula Thermal Print System License in order to use DropPrint.


v2.3.8 • Fixes an issue that caused the paper size to show as selected but not be used when printing after restarting the Application.
v2.3.7 • Force selection of printer and paper size to remove possibility of them not being selected correctly.
v2.3.6 • Increased speed of parsing files in folders with many files/subdirectories.
• Fixes a bug that made the app get stuck when checking unreadable files.
v2.3.5 • Fixes a bug that prevents the watch folder function from working correctly after changing the folder to watch.
• Fixes a bug that prevents saving the after print preference when the app is first launched.
• Fixes a bug that caused PDF files to be moved even when Ignore PDFs was checked.
• Fixes a bug that disabled the Set Location button for the folder to watch when the app window reopens.
v2.3.4 • Fixes a bug that prevented the app from starting if a preference was missing.
v2.3.3 • Fixes a bug that prevented the app from seeing printers if the PPD file was missing.
• Fixes a bug that prevented the app from starting if the PPD file was missing.
v2.3.2 • Fixes a bug that prevented the app from starting.
• Added help tags.
v2.3.1 • Added DPL Language Support.
• Added TSPL Language Support.
v2.3.0 • Added PDF Support.
• Added Support for choosing a paper size (Applies only to PDF).
• Added option to ignore PDF files.
v2.2.4 • Added URI Scheme option to add additional info to the notification.
v2.2.3 • Added URI Scheme option to choose the printer to send the file to.
v2.2.2 • Added URI Scheme to print files.
v2.2.1 • Added buttons to reveal folder locations.
v2.2.0 • Added ZPL size translating.
• Added option to move or delete dropped files.
v2.1.0 • Added MacOS Notification Support.
• Added option to move or delete files after they are printed.
v2.0.0 • Added Folder Watching.
v1.3.1 • Added option to use asked for printer for all items in the current print job.
v1.3.0 • Added option to ask for printer when a file is printed.
v1.3.0 • Added option to launch at Startup.
v1.2.0 • Added support for dropping files onto the app window.
v1.1.0 • Added support for EPL Printer Language.
v1.0.0 • Initial Release.