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Moving your Thermal Driver to a New machine

Below you will find a tutorial teaching you how to Move your Thermal Printer Driver,
by deactivating it on your current machine and then activating it on your new machine.

1. Deactivating your Thermal Driver


Open up the Software and click on the Activation tab.


Then click the Deactivate button, in the bottom right side of the dialog.


If your machine is not able to talk to our server, you will see the above screen and will need to email us the codes shown
in the dialog. This code will be in your clipboard so you can just paste into an email.


You will see the above screen if the deactivation has worked correctly.

You are now deactivated.

You will be able to now Activate your Software on your new machine

2. Activating your Thermal Driver on your new Machine

If you still have the original .dmg file you can use this to install the software on your new machine.
If not you can copy the thermal utility from your applications folder on your old machine to your new machine

Once you have Installed the software on your new machine, open up the Software.


When the software is open, you will be asked for your username and password.
The user will need administrator privileges as this is required to install printers.


Then navigate to the Activation tab in the top of the software.


Enter your order ID and serial number into the correct fields, and press the Activate button.
You will have received these in an email from Peninsula group when you purchased the Thermal Driver.
The friendly name is an optional field, that will make it easier for us to identify the machine if a remote deactivation is needed.
If your computer is able to talk to our servers your software will now be activated, if not please follow the next step.

3. Manually Activating your Thermal Driver


If the software is not able to activate automatically after entering your Order ID and Serial Number,
a dialog will show, saying to email with your product code. (This is shown on the activation tab)
They will then be able to generate a Manual Activation Code using your unique product code and email this to you.
You can then enter this code in the Manual Activation code box in the bottom text field,


making sure that the order ID and serial number are still entered in their correct boxes.
You should then click the Activate Manually button.


Once you have activated the software a green tick will appear in the activation screen to indicate the software has now been activated.

Activation is now complete.

If you still encounter any issues, please email our Technical Support at

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