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Installing a printer to use with design applications

This guide will show you how to install printers for use with labels that are designed at the correct size

You will need to allow permission for the Peninsula Label Print Setup System to install your new printer.
Click the Click Here To Install Your Printer Now button.
Choose your printer model from the list of available printers and click Next.
Leave the default name or enter a new name for the printer.

Optionally add a location for the printer, this will show when sharing the printer on the network.

Your printer model and resolution should already be shown in their respective pop ups.

Establish if you are using thermal transfer ribbon to print.

Select the label type you will be using:
Die Cut The most common label type with a gap between each label. You will most likely be using these.
Continuous Labels/paper without a gap between each label.
Black MarkedLabels with a black mark or line on the back of each one.
Slotted Labels with a small cut out between each one.

Once selected click Next.
Add your label sizes by selecting from the popup menu.

Choose whatever label sizes you need from the list (Add Other Size Label is also an option if your required size is not shown).

You may remove any sizes added in error by selecting them from the list and clicking Remove.

When you are happy with your list of label size options click Next.
Select All Other Applications and click Next.
Click the Install Printer button.
The printer will then be calibrated to the label size.
Click OK to continue.
The printer will push out some blank labels to calibrate to the label size and then will print a label that says "Test Label".

Click Yes and the printer is ready to use from your application of choice.

If the printer did not print a test label please try printing from your app of choice.

If the printer is still not printing please contact our tech support team at

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