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Exporting printer settings

Below you will find a tutorial showing you a step by step guide to exporting printer settings.

1. Exporting Printer settings


Open up your Thermal driver software and click on the maintenance tab.
This will be the third tab along on the top row.


In the maintenance tab, find the Export button and click on it.
We have highlighted the button with a red rectangle for you.


Once you have clicked the "export" button, a new dialog will show.
You can rename your printer settings if you wish to and chose where to save to.


Once you have ensured your printer settings have the correct name and will save to where you want them,
click the "save" button.


When you have clicked save a dialog will open to show you where your printer settings are.


When you exit your files after checking your printer settings are in the correct place,
you will see a new dialog that tells you export has been successful.

If you encounter any issues, please email our Technical Support at

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