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Driver activation issues - Folder permission

Below you will find a tutorial teaching you how to troubleshoot your driver activation

If the user activates the Driver successfully on the activation tab, but when they go to print it still prints the watermark.
Then the most common reason is that the user does not have full read and write permission on the activation folder so
therefore the driver has not been able to save the activation files on your machine.
To fix this please follow these instructions.

You will only need to complete the following instructions once.

1. Finding the Activation folder


Click on the Finder icon, then locate the System library folder. once inside the System library folder you should see the Application
support folder. Open this and you should see the Peninsula folder.

The image above shows the direct path you need to take to find the correct folder.


Right click on the Peninsula folder and click get info.

2. Changing Read only to Read and Write.


Check the Sharing & Permissions - the privileges should be set to Read & Write for "your user account" and "everyone"
If not click on the padlock, enter your admin password and change the settings (add your user if it is not there).
Click on the "Read only" text and change to Read and Write.


It should look like the image above if you changed the permissions to Read and Write.


Then click on the little Cog dropdown and select Apply to Enclosed Items


A dialogue should open asking to make sure if you want to apply the changes.
Select OK.
Once you?ve done that click on the Padlock to lock it again.

Then try Activating your Thermal Driver again.

If you still encounter any issues, please email our Technical Support at

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