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QuickTrack Preferences Folder Permissions
(For MAC)

Below you will find a tutorial teaching you how to Fix QuickTrack Preferences Folder Permissions.

You will only need to complete the following instructions once.

1. Finding the error.


Open up QuickTrack, If there is a Preferences error. The Dialog in the above image should show.
Click the OK button in the Dialog.


The above Dialog will open. Click the "Set Permissions" button.


You will be prompted to enter an admin password. Enter your password then click OK.


If this did not work another Dialog will open up like in the above image. This means the previous actions did not work.
If so follow on to the next step.

2. Changing Read only to Read and Write


To access the library go to your hardrive and find library. .


Once inside the library folder you should see the Application support folder.
Open this and you should see the folder that is highlighted in the above image.


Right click on the Preferences folder and click get info.


Check the Sharing & Permissions - the privileges should be set to Read & Write for "your user account" and "everyone"
If not click on the padlock.


Once you click on the padlock, A Dialog will open prompting you to enter your password. This will allow you to make changes.


once you have entered your password into the correct field, you can then click on the Read only and change the setting to
Read and Write.


Then click on the little Cog dropdown and select Apply to Enclosed Items


A Dialog should open asking to make sure if you want to apply the changes.
Select OK.
Once you?ve done that click on the Padlock to lock it again.

Then try running QuickTrack again

If you still encounter any issues, please email our Technical Support at

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