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How to Book out Multiple Copies of the same item - PC

Below you will find a tutorial teaching you how to book out multiple copies of the same item

1. Setting up the Booking Mode


Open up the QuickTrack software.


You will see a "Preferences" tab, this will be the last tab along on the top row.


Click into the "Preferences" tab, you will see a drop down menu.
Click "General preferences", it is the first option in the drop down menu.


Once you click into "General preferences" a new dialog will open like the one in the image above.


Select the "Booking" window from the top row.


Once you click into the Booking tab it should look like the dialog above.


Ensure the Book multiples of the same option is turned on.
We have highlighted which option it is you need to tick.


The next thing we need to change is the "Booking Mode".
This is the first item at the top of the booking window.


Select "Despatch separate book in/out" from the drop down box.


Once you have made sure you have selected everything you need to form the previous steps, click "OK".

The software is now set up to allow you to book in/out multiple copies of the same item to either multiple people
or the same person (i.e if a worker needed all the items for some reason).

2. Set up how many Books you have available


The next step is to open up the profile page for the item you have multiple copies of.


We will then select the "details" tab that is on the top bar in the record.
We have highlighted it for you.


Once you click into the details of the item the right side of the dialog will change.
It should look similar to the image above.


You will need to select the "units in stock" and type in how many copies of the same item you have.


Simply just type in how many copies of the item you have and click update.

3. To Book In/Out


Select the required option from the Book In/Out dropdown menu.
We will select the book out option for this example.


The above image is what should show when you click book out.
You will need to enter the users ID and item ID.


Enter the user ID and item ID.
You will be shown how many copies of the item are available to be booked out.
Enter how many items you wish to be booked out then click "Book out."


When you click "Book out" it will come up in the "current booked items".
You can now Book out multiple copies of the same item.

If you still encounter any issues, please email our Technical Support at

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