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Changing personalities in Quicktrack Pro - Mac

Below you will find a tutorial teaching you how to change personalities in Quicktrack Pro.

1.Changing personalities


Open up the Quicktrack software


You will see a "Preferences" tab this will be the last tab on the top row.
Click on it.


After clicking on the "Preferances" button you will see a drop down menu.
Navigate to "General preferences" and click it.


After clicking on "General preferences" the above dialog will now show.


Navigate to the "personalities" button, and click on it.


After clicking the "personalities" your dialog will change to look like the one in the image above.
Here you can change your personality, this means you may wish to change your Quicktrack Pro
settings from using it for a book library to using computers or equipment.


We will show you an example of what it would look like if we changed it from School library, to computers.


You can see that after changing personalities to computers it changes the second drop down menu text.


You will also now see a "Computer list" instead of a book list.


Now when you click on "New computer" you will see different field names to fill out.
This is just one example of how it would look if you changed the personality to computers.
It is just as easy to switch it back if you wish to.

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