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Setting Up And Using Click And Collect

Setup Click and Collect for remote pickup of books from your library.

First click the preferences button at the top of the window.

Choose the "Internet Settings" button on the left of the window.

Click "Enable OPAC Websharing".

Also check the box next to "Allow Booking Collection Via OPAC"

You can adjust what is shown in your web browser using the "Edit Collection List Fields" button.

When the remote access system is running it will be available from other computers and devices using a web browser.

The address to put into your web browser is shown where it says OPAC available at. (please note the address shown here may be different to the one on your network.)

In the example above it is your ip address may be different.

Click and collect is available by adding collection.html to the end of this address.

For example:

This number allows your web browser to connect to QuickTrack to use it remotely. Please note it down.

Click "OK" to turn this feature on. This will then be remembered.

In order to use the remote access OPAC QuickTrack must be running otherwise the data will not be accessible.

How Do I Use It In A Browser?

To see the main web page type the address you copied from the settings screen into a web browser such as Chrome or Edge:

(These examples are with our example ip address from above yours will probably be different)

To book in and out items to students. Go to this location.

To add new books and automatically lookup the details. Go to this location.

To use Click and Collect. Go to this location.

If you need any help with setting up or using this system please contact for assistance.

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