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Using The Find Feature in Quicktrack Pro for schools

Below you will find a tutorial teaching you how to use the find feature in Quicktrack Pro for schools

Looking Up Students Or Books
To find Books or Students use the find box at the top right of the QuickTrack screen.
The find box has multiple modes and can search for Books or Students.
Choose the mode by clicking the Magnifying Glass to the left of the box.
You can choose from the options shown below.
The most common option is Containing as this looks for matches that might not be exact for example "Alice" will retrieve all books or students with "Alice" in the record.

Equal To is an Exact match, for example "Watership Down".

Type into the box what you want to search for and press return to search.

If there is more than one match you will be shown a list, click the one you want.

If there is only one match you will be taken straight to the information.

When you are on the screen for the item you have looked up, you can see things such as who has a Book or what Books a Student has had in the past.

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