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Adding Teacher accounts in QuickTrack Pro for schools

Below you will find a tutorial teaching you how to add Teacher accounts in QuickTrack Pro for schools

1. Adding Teacher Accounts


Open up the QuickTrack software.


Click the "Student" button in the main toolbar along the top of the software.


Select "New Student" from the menu which opens.


The Student details view will show.
Enter the details for the new Teacher you would like to add.


Once all details are entered select the popup menu on the right below the "Created:" label.
Here you can set the role the user will have in the software.
I am using the Teacher role for this member of staff
These roles and their permissions can be edited under the "User Account" settings in Preferences.


If you would like to set an initial password for the teacher account you can click the "Change Password" button.
Once a Teacher is logged in they will have the option of changing their password under the "Profile" popup on the right of the toolbar.


To log into the teacher account they will need to enter their ID Number set up on the previous screen and their password if set.


If you would like the teacher use a login name instead of the automatically generated ID Number you can change the ID Number field on their details to any value.

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