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Adding multiple copies of the same book to Quicktrack Pro for schools

Below you will find a tutorial teaching you how to add multiple copies to Quicktrack Pro for schools

1. Adding multiple copies of the same books


Additional copies of the same book need to be added with a different barcode
to allow you to differentiate between the different copies.
Begin by opening up the QuickTrack for schools software.


With regards to adding multiple copies of the same book.
You need to print some serial barcodes (you can do this through the Report/Label options).
The "report/Labels" tab is the sixth tab along.


After clicking on the "report/labels" tab a dropdown menu should show.
click the "show label screen" button.


After clicking "show label screen", The above dialog should now show.
you should then click the "choose layout" button.


Another dialog should open up. We have created a barcode as an example for you.
The red highlighted boxes show the method we used, which is the preferred method.
After setting the group to "Main" and the Layout to the one highlighted. Click "open".


Once you have clicked "open" the Barcode will be generated.
Change the serial number to a new number not being used.
You can then print it to put on the Multiple copies of the books.


Navigate to the "book" tab, which is the second tab along.


Once you have clicked on the "book" tab, you will see a drop down menu. click "book list".


Once on your book list, Find the book you have multiple copies of and double click it to open.


Here is what the book field should look like in the above dialog.
Now navigate to the "Book" tab again.


Click back onto the "book" tab, and you will see a drop down menu.
From there you will click "Duplicate book with new id".


Then change the Barcode field to one of your Serial Barcode numbers.
As a note I would copy the original books ISBN into one of the custom fields (incase you need to
do a search for all the copies based on the ISBN)

Attach the Serial Barcode label to the book (it is normally best to obscure (cover) the original barcode).
Now when you scan that barcode it will bring up that particular book.

If you encounter any issues, please email our Technical Support at

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