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Customer Interface setup

Below you will find a tutorial teaching you how setup the Customer Interface

1. Setting up


Navigate to the Peninsula-group web page and scroll right to the bottom.
You will see the footer, and the web page we want is highlighted in the above dialog.


Once you click on "Customer Interface" It will take you to the above page.
This is where you would log in when you have created an account.


To create a new account click "need an account?"


After clicking "need an account?" the above dialog will show.
Enter the correct details into the correct fields.


Make sure to enter your email in the correct field as we will need this to send you the confirmation email.
Once ensuring all the details are entered in the correct fields click the "submit" button.


After clicking "submit" a dialog should show at the top to say the account has been made,
and an email will be sent for you to verify.


This is the email you will receive for you to verify the email address you used.
To verify email address click "activate account".


After confirming your email address by clicking "activate account"
it will take you to the page in the dialog above.


You can now go back to the Customer Interface page and sign in with your email address and password you created earlier.
Remember to enter the correct data in the correct fields.


When you successfully log in a dialog similar to the one above should show.
Your account will show you your orders, or you can add your orders by clicking the orange plus button.


After clicking the orange button to add orders, a dialog will appear prompting you to enter your Order ID.
the email address associated with that order ID will then be emailed to confirm adding it to your account.
You can then manually deactivate your software if needed.

If you encounter any issues, please email our Technical Support at

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