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QuickTrack Pro - Tools & Equipment

Hire & Loan System - Details & Demonstration

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• Tools & Equipment Tracking Software
• Powerful, Professional and easy to use
• Available for Mac OSX and Windows
• Fully customisable fields, but can be used as is
• Comprehensive search capabilities
• Full Despatch 'Book In' and Receiving 'Book Out' system included
• Customisable due back dates
• Integrated Barcode label creation with industry standard software
• Full reporting and printing capabilities
• Export reports as CSV files for analysis elsewhere
• Integrated serial numbering, or use your own numbers
• Import existing data using standard CSV files
• Use the powerful built in database system with no setup
• Needs no other software to function
• Or connect to or create a MySQL server with one click
• Apple Mac OSX and Windows ( Vista, 7, 8, 10) compatible

Tools & Equipme

Complete Tools & Equipment Tracking

Everything in one

Despatch & Receipt
In & Out

Book things in and out
with ease

Full Reporting
& Labelling

Print & export
reports & labels

Built In Databases

No need for costly
database software

"1 Minute setup, start booking tools and equipment in and out immediately"

Fact: Tool & Equipment location and tracking is essential. Lose equipment and the cost could run into thousands over a period of a year.

Complete Tools & Equipment Tracking Solution
Peninsula QuickTrack Pro - Tools & Equipment is a complete system to track, hire or lend tools and equipment. The software is simple to use but powerful enough to completely track allocation and usage using barcodes. The whole software is controlled from one easy to use Main Menu screen.

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Choose a section to add and make changes, book tools and equipment. Or any other function. If you don't have customers you can easily change the headings to what you require ie Users or Employees or Students.

Designed to be as user friendly as possible, QuickTrack Pro combines a proprietary database with an easy to use interface and barcode technology.

Choice of platforms
QuickTrack Pro is available for Apple Mac (OSX including 10.15) and PC with Windows ( Vista, 7, 8, 10). It is the only cross platform solution available today.

Simple Database Setup
Use the built-in database (with no setup at all) or connect to an existing MySQL, or MSSQL database server in seconds (by clicking one button), whichever suits your needs.

With the built-in database you have everything you need to start working, right out of the box!

Many of QuickTrack's features are customisable by the user in the preferences section of the software.

Record field descriptions can be changed from the default settings to suit the user's requirements, even the database names can be changed, for example items could become books and users become borrowers.

Serial number style, number of digits and label printing settings can also be customised, including prefixes and/or suffixes where required.

Create Items, User and Locations Easily And Quickly
Whether you already have a list of items, users and locations, or not creating new ones is an easy one click process.

The databases have fields for all commonly used inforamtion and some fields are avaiable for extra information, all entry box names can be customised by yourself to more accurately reflect your application.

There is a section for depreciation of items should this be required, as well as important information such as replacement cost and pictures etc.

All the information is stored conveniently on one screen so no searching is needed, you can even customise which screen is displayed first.

Book In and Out With Ease
Quicktrack Pro contains complete booking in and out tools with different entry screens depending on what you are doing.

Fact: Some asset and item managament software does not include booking in and out facilities, or barcode labeling.

QuickTrack includes this as standard and even has customisable modes for booking (such as despatch mode for despatching more than one item to the same person).

You can track items with a due back date if required, group items into a single unit (for example if they are in a case together), track serial numbers, you can even track where the items are in a building if required.

All the booking information is recorded into the database so that you produce reports and export lists of item usage and location for example. These reports can be customised by you, so you are only limited by your imagination. You can also simply call up an overdue items list to chase up late returns from the main menu with one click.

Label Printing As Standard
QuickTrack Pro has label printing built in, with support for both standard printers and also direct to thermal printing for Peninsula, ZPL and EPL printers (for other makes please ask), for quick and easy creation of runs of labels, this includes printing barcodes onto labels and serial numbering.

This feature is included as standard with a number of label layouts, customised layouts can be produced with the built in wizard or by using the fully featured built in label editor.

Barcode Printing Built In As Standard
Barcode printing is included free of charge, you can make labels, customer cards, reports with barcodes all as standard.

Report Generation
A variety of reports can be printed out, viewed on screen, or exported for use in other applications.

These can show item and user or location records, listings and movement histories or any other data that is held in QuickTrack's databases.

Many reports templates are available as standard. Customised report layouts can be made with the built in report editor.

Hardware Bundles Available
QuickTrack Pro can be shipped complete with barcode reading and barcode printing hardware, (although you can print to standard printers too), all designed specifically to work with QuickTrack, so you really do have everything you need to start your tracking solution within minutes of opening the box!

System Requirements
Apple Mac
: Mac OSX (including 10.15).
IBM Compatible PC
Vista, 7, 8, 10

Quick Details:

• Easy to use
• Items can be booked in/out using your barcode reader
• Track the whereabouts of items, its movements and locations
• Find details of overdue items
• Fully MAC OSX compatible
• Fully compatible with windows 2000, ME and XP
• Free delivery via Email
• Free Email support


• Retail
• Marketing
• Advertising
• Product Catalogues
• Healthcare and Medical
• Inventory and Stock Control
• Office Automation
• Document Tracking
• Light Industrial
• Asset Tracking
• Item Tracking
• Library Applications
• Goods Receiving
• Goods Shipping

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QuickTrack Pro (Software Only)

Professional item and asset Barcode tracking system. Complete reporting and item management. Networkable.

UK £1995 - UK inc vat £2394.00 - US Dollars $2633.40 - Euros €2394.00   (In Stock)  

QuickTrack Pro Bundle

Professional item and asset Barcode tracking system. Complete reporting and item management. Networkable. Includes Phoenix II Barcode reader.

UK £2195 - UK inc vat £2634.00 - US Dollars $2897.40 - Euros €2634.00   (In Stock)  

QuickTrack Pro (Software Only) 5 Computer License

Professional item and asset Barcode tracking system. Complete reporting and item management. Networkable.

UK £7995 - UK inc vat £9594.00 - US Dollars $10553.40 - Euros €9594.00   (In Stock)  

QuickTrack Pro (Software Only) 10 Computer License

Professional item and asset Barcode tracking system. Complete reporting and item management. Networkable.

UK £12995 - UK inc vat £15594.00 - US Dollars $17153.40 - Euros €15594.00   (In Stock)  

UK £ - UK inc vat £0.00 - US Dollars $0.00 - Euros €0.00   ()  

Peninsula Spitfire Printer and Stand QuickTrack P

Thermal printer for thermal transfer or direct thermal label printing on rolls. 6 inches per second. Complete with all driver software and cables needed. QuickTrack Pro, Phoenix II and label stand included.

UK £3499 - UK inc vat £4198.80 - US Dollars $4618.68 - Euros €4198.80   (In Stock)  

Award winning imaging barcode reader. <BR>No moving parts. Bright LED aiming line.<BR>In Black.<BR>Includes Cable, USB<BR>No software required, scans to any application.
Phoenix IV Barcode Reader
3 for 2 Offer

Award winning imaging barcode reader.
No moving parts. Bright LED aiming line.
In Black.
Includes Cable, USB
No software required, scans to any application.

UK £112 - UK inc vat £134.40 - US Dollars $147.84 - Euros €134.40   (In Stock)  

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