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QuickTrack Pro Barcode Loan and Item Management System
Track Fixed Assets, Items, Components, Loan Stock, Files, Time and Attendance

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"QuickTrack has features not even available in products ten times the price.."

Fact: Business losses through not tracking loaned equipment totalled over 10 billion last year.

12 Good Reasons to buy QuickTrack Pro V

1. Ease of Use
Peninsula developers take a pride in producing software that is intuitive and easy to use. We hate having to read instruction manuals constantly ourselves, so we try to make it obvious how our software should be used. Also, if you have an internet connection, you can configure QuickTrack Pro to retrieve full details of CDs, DVDs, Videos and Books, just by scanning the barcode!

2. Everything You Need
Although QuickTrack Pro is also available as a software-only solution, the standard package includes a Phoenix II CCD barcode reader. You can be up and running in under one minute with everything you need to run a tracking system in any commercial, industrial or home environment.

3. Customisable
Your tracking requirements are likely to be unique. QuickTrack Pro initialises with default settings that reflect typical tracking scenarios. These are, however, fully customisable, so you can record the details that you will need. You can import any existing .csv file (from Excel or other spreadsheet software) and arrange it, as you import, to match just the fields you need.

You can even connect your copy of QuickTrack Pro to a MySQL database for perfect integration into an existing system.

4. Powerful
QuickTrack Pro has the capability of supporting very large quantities of item and user/location records. In fact, the only limit to the number of records is likely to be the size of your computer's hard disk!

5. Print your own Barcodes
You can print barcode labels right out of QuickTrack Pro so saving you the expense of purchasing another program to do this.

6. Avoid Losses
With computerised tracking you can keep an eye on where things are and thereby avoid loss through 'leakage' of goods.

7. Reduce Errors
Typing errors can be avoided by the use of barcoding technology. QuickTrack Pro V's inbuilt error checking also warns you in the case of duplicate ID's and a variety of other potential mistakes.

8. Save Time
Same time over paper-based logging systems. Barcode scanning speeds up the booking process even further.

9. Stay in Control
Know where things are, when they were moved, when they are due back. You can now be in total control of your stock.

10. Technical Support
Peninsula provide free full Technical Support via e-mail (typical response time 24hrs), so you will never be left in the lurch!

11. Peninsula - the Name you can Trust
Peninsula have a string of loyal customers, all of whom are happy and satisfied with Peninsula's service. To name but a few, we have served well known companies such as the BBC, Black and Decker, Pedigree Pet Foods, Cambridge University Press and Marks and Spencer. Go on, follow the majority and be impressed!

12. Confidence in Peninsula
Had a bad experience with tracking and barcoding products in the past? It will remain in the past if you choose Peninsula QuickTrack Pro. Having over 15 years experience in the barcoding industry you can be confident that Peninsula's service will match your expectations.

Quick Details:

• Item/Asset Tracking and Loan Software
• Powerful, Professional and easy to use
• Complete system includes Barcode Reader
• Fully customisable fields, but can be used as is
• Comprehensive search capabilities
• Full 'Book In' and 'Book Out' system included
• Customisable due back dates
• Integrated Barcode label creation with industry standard software
• Full reporting and printing capabilities
• Export reports as CSV files for analysis elsewhere
• Retrieve details of CDs, DVD's, Videos and Books via the internet.
• Integrated serial numbering, or use your own numbers
• Import existing data using standard CSV files
• Use the powerful built in database system with no setup
• Needs no other software to function
• Or connect to or create a MySQL database with one click
• Mac (Classic and OSX) and Windows (2000, XP, Vista) compatible


• Retail
• Marketing
• Advertising
• Product Catalogues
• Healthcare and Medical
• Inventory and Stock Control
• Office Automation
• Document Tracking
• Light Industrial
• Asset Tracking
• Item Tracking
• Library Applications
• Goods Receiving
• Goods Shipping

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