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Resell all Peninsula software and hardware products direct to your customers.

The Complete Peninsula Reseller Program.

The Peninsula Reseller Program gives our reseller and distributor partners the tools they need to sell our leading solutions and take advantage of the growing market for solutions in AutoID. Together with our partners’ local knowledge and industry expertise, we help you deliver outstanding value and service to our customers around the world.

We supply products for both PC Windows and Apple Mac OS and listen to our resellers to build products suitable for their customers needs.

Why Become A Peninsula Reseller Or Distributor

Create new sales opportunities and differentiate your product offering by adding unique professional Barcode and Auto ID technology to your portfolio.

Add a revenue stream to your business with minimal investment and with assistance from Peninsula to ensure you are selling as quickly as possible.

If you are a distributor or reseller of software or hardware, becoming a Peninsula Reseller allows you to leverage on the recognised Barcode X brand and its long history and loyal customer base throughout the world.

Enjoy the benefits and support from the Peninsula team, including sales and technical training and support if required, marketing material and a dedicated account manager.

Advanced Solutions That Fit With Your Business Model

Our resellers and distributors have a wide range of business models, so we understand that your focus is on driving your own business.

That’s why our Reseller Program has the flexibility to fit in with your business, not the other way around. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to sell our solutions in a way that suits you.

Benefits Of Being A Peninsula Reseller Or Distributor

Direct purchase and discounted software
High margins on license prices
Sales and technical training if required
Sales support tools and materials
Promotion on the partner section of
Pre-sales and post-sales technical support
Pre-release news and advanced product information

Requirements for joining the Peninsula Reseller Program

We welcome all software and hardware resellers to join our program.
To apply to join the Peninsula Reseller Program, please complete the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

To find out more contact a Peninsula account manager at our headquarters by email or telephone.


Many different types of companies become our resellers, you can be a general software and hardware reseller,
or you could be an AutoID/Retail/Wholesale specialist we really don't mind.
Contact us for more details.

We offer competitive margins on our software licenses – speak to a Peninsula account manager for more details.
There is no ‘sign on’ fee to join the Peninsula Reseller Program and no annual fee.
Not for resale demonstration licenses are available – speak to a Peninsula account manager for more details

There are Peninsula software users in almost every country in the world, and we are keen to grow our reseller and distributor network to serve our clients wherever they are.

Currently, we are especially interested in resellers for the North & South American markets, Scandinavia, Germany, France, Romania, Poland, Italy, China, Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Traditionally we have worked with sectors such as retail and advertising, repro and design, publishing, pharmaceuticals & biotechnology, food & beverage, agriculture, automotive, aerospace, engineering, mining, paper & pulp, medical devices and research.

However, our software can be applied in many other sectors including banking & finance, insurance, telecoms – in fact, any industry with a requirement for barcode and labelling technology to improve their processes.

All our products are commercial products with full technical support, updates are regularly posted and we can
even help customers to set up software via TeamViewer.

We provide free support and updates for a year and also offer a 30 day back guarantee.

We have thousands of customers for the product including Apple themselves who have a 100 user
license of our thermal printer drivers to print all their shipping labels.

   Secure Payment - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee