Print To Your Epson ColorWorks Printer From Your Apple Mac

How To Print Directly On Mac. The Easy Way
No Windows Machines, No Parallels, No Wasting Time!

"We have solved printing to Epson ColorWorks printers on your Mac
Simply install our colour print system and start printing."
Guy Allensby -

Print From Any Mac Application

Now you can use your Epson TM-C3500 or Epson TM-C7500 on your Mac simply and easily.

Download our Mac colour labelling print system.

Run the wizard to setup your Epson Colorworks printer for your labels or media and start printing straight away.

We currently support the Epson ColorWorks TM-C3500 and Epson TM-C7500 printers for continuous or label media in glorious colour.

Re-enable Your Productivity

We know you love your Mac so now you don't need Parallels or Windows, simply print straight from your Mac.

This solution is complete, no messing about, just a simple setup utility and then print from your any application.

The result of three years of research this print system lets you use the Mac that you love, with one time setup and the ability to just click print from your favourite app.

You can even setup the correct label type using our utility.

Print From Any Mac Application

To Your ColorWorks Printer

Prints What You Need, When You Need It

Print your Shelf Edge Labels, Product Labels, Tickets, ID Cards, Chemical Labels, in fact anything you can imagine all in full colour with your ColorWorks printer on your Mac.

The prints are smudge water and fade resistant thanks to Epson's ink technology.

Print whatever you need, at the size you want, saving you time and money.

System Used By Thousands Of Mac Users

Our label print systems for Mac are in use all over the world, with thousands of Mac users choosing it as their choice of print system.

We provide complete support from the experts in Mac label printing for over 30 years.

We can even help you with setup before you purchase. Just contact us for help.

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  • Exclusive Fully native Mac printer driver, with complete control of your Epson ColorWorks printer.
    Controls and setup for options such as continuous paper and cutters.
  • Exclusive High speed perfect label imaging.
    We use our own imaging engine to make sure your labels print fast and are perfect every time.
  • Exclusive You can easily setup and print labels.
    You can even print where applications can't print to small labels, ie web browsers and Fedex.
  • Exclusive Extract labels from letter sized pages.
    Our driver can cut out the label, rotate and scale it to print to your label printer even if the label is supposed to be printed onto sheets.
  • Exclusive Total control of printer features, in the print dialog.
    You can even set these as defaults using the supplied utility.
  • Exclusive Setup your own label sizes easily using the wizard.
    No more choosing from random label sizes and guessing dimensions.
  • Exclusive Set up more then one 'virtual' printer with different settings printing to the same printer.
    Simply choose the printer in the dialog to print that label size and layout, ie for UPS, or Fedex with no page setup.
  • Exclusive Easy to use wizard for setup and testing.
    Installs and configures your printer, easily and quickly. You can even go back and modify things later.
  • Exclusive Prints correctly from web browsers with no pixelation.
    They told you it wasn't possible but it is! See for yourself.
  • Exclusive Built with our own custom print driver means you get features other drivers can't provide.
    With support for Epson ColorWorks TM-C3500 and TM-C7500.
  • Exclusive You get access to our 30 Years Experience with thermal label printers on Mac.
    If we haven't got the answer no one has.
  • QWhat is this product? This is a unique set of printer drivers to allow you to print to Epson ColorWorks printers on Apple Mac from any application.
  • QHow easy is it to setup? Simply drag the application to your applications folder, run it, type your password and answer the on screen questions, your printer will be installed and printing in no time. You only do this once, then print directly from your application.
  • QIs there a IOS app? Not yet. This is currently only available for Mac, we are working on a version for iPhone and iPad.
  • QHow does the Peninsula Colour Print System benefit me? You can now print all your labels directly from your Mac, no more Parallels or Windows machines needed.
    This streamlines your workflow and allows you to get more done in less time.
    This allows you to use your preferred Mac for label printing the way you like to work.
    No more printing A4 sheets which need taping or putting into pouches, which saves you time and money.
  • QIs it really really that easy? Yes it is that easy, once it's setup just click 'Print' in your preferred application and print straight to your printer.
  • QCan I use any size labels or continuous stock? Yes, you can even add custom label sizes for use in the page size dialog whilst setting up your printer. No other printer driver can do this.
  • QCan I print barcodes that read? Yes our special algorithm ensures that barcodes are printed at the best quality possible, even from web pages.
  • QThat sounds complicated to set up? Don't worry it isn't, we have full step by step instructions.
    If you really have an issue we can sort it out for you via TeamViewer.
  • QDo I have to do that every time I print? No of course not, it's a one time setup using our wizard, then print as many labels as you like from which ever application you want.
  • QAnd how many computers can I use it on? One, but we offer multi computer licenses for 5 computers or more. Contact us if you need more than 10 computers licensed.
  • QWill it work on my computer? Our driver is designed to work with MacOS versions OSX 10.14 to Mac OS Sonoma and above so if you have one of these, (99% of Macs out there) then, yes.
  • QWill it work on the network? Yes we support Ethernet and Wireless connections for your printer in addition to USB.
  • QDoes it support all the printer options? Yes we support all the options available on your printer, for example cutters, rewinders, speed, heat etc.
  • QDo you offer a reseller program? Yes we do, please contact us for details
  • QCan I test it out? Download a free demo here The demo is fully functional but prints a watermark over the labels.
  • QHow can I buy it? Click the Buy Now button and enter your details, you will be given your serial number and invoice immediately on screen, and we will also email you a serial number and order id to use in the driver.
  • Print from any Mac application
  • Support for Epson ColorWorks printers
    Versions for TM-C3500 and TM-C7500.
  • Print directly from Websites with no pixelation
  • Scale, rotate, extract labels from larger pages, even with more than one label on a sheet
  • Easy to use, all in one application for one time setup
  • Install multiple virtual drivers for one real printer. Allows you to just choose a printer to change label size
  • Full control over all the printers features, such as Cutter etc.
  • Prints from any application ie Pages, Affinity etc
  • Works on MacOS OSX 10.14 to Mac OS Sonoma and above
  • QIs there a demonstration version available?
    Yes, of course.
    Download a free demo below.

    Free Demo Download
    This version is fully functional but prints a watermark over the labels.
    Please email us for help if you need any, we can TeamViewer you to set it up and get you printing if needed.


We offer full support including remote support for setup if needed.
We also offer full year printing and updates warranty.
If you need help just email us and we will help you.
All our products are fully digitally signed and trusted by Apple computers.

"We believe in our products, which means that we will make sure that this software will allow you to print better labels.
If at any time you need help with setup or printing, just ask and we will help. "
Guy Allensby, Director, Allensby Group, 10th April 2019
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