Labelling Software For Your Mac Or PC
Peninsula Labeller

The Complete Professional Label Printer Labelling
Your Solution For Mac OSX or PC

Prints to thermal label printers,
including Zebra, Datamax, TEC, TSC and many others.

Direct printing for full speed and high quality.

Includes printer drivers for Mac OSX for your Label Printer.

Peninsula Labeller

Label Printing.

Labeller supports thermal label printers on Mac OSX and Windows.

"Design, Store, Manage And Print, Labeller Does It All, Easily And Quickly..."
Fact: Proper thermal labelling software is essential when making compliant barcodes. Print them incorrectly with a retailer and it could cost you thousands.

The Complete Labelling & Label Storage Solution.

Peninsula Labeller is a complete system to design, store and print labels
to direct thermal and thermal transfer label printers.

Works with most thermal label printers,
including Zebra, Datamax, TEC, TSC and all major makes.

Labeller is simple to use, but powerful enough to completely track label usage and even sell by dates.

Everything is controlled from one easy to use Main Menu screen.

No extras to purchase, just setup and start printing.

You even get the required drivers for OSX included in the price.

Thermal Label Printing From Labeller
You simply choose a button to add and make changes,
design and print labels, or even import data to print.

Designed to be as user friendly as possible, Labeller combines
a tried and tested labelling engine proprietary database
with an easy to use interface and barcode technology.

Labeller Comes In A Choice of platforms

Labeller is available for Apple Mac and Windows platforms.
It is the only cross platform solution available today.

Labeller Includes...

Thermal Label Printing From Labeller

Full printer Control.

Support for all the printers features such as peelers, rewinders, black mark labels and even butterfly jewellery labels and all settings print speed, darkness, gap width etc..

High Quality Prints.

Labeller prints at the highest quality possible to Thermal, Laser and Inkjet printers.

Optimising barcodes for readability at all resolutions.

Label Sheets.

Support for printing sheets of labels using any stock including that from from Avery, APLI, A-One, and many other U.S., European, and Asian manufacturers to a standard laser or inkjet printer.

The Label Editor.

Edit your layouts quickly and easily.

Label Editing From Labeller

You Design, And Print All On One Screen

Included are many label layouts, your own layouts can be produced easily
with the fully featured built in label editor.
You can rotate text and barcodes and even import pictures.

Labeller contains direct support for direct thermal and thermal transfer label printers,
supported manufacturers include TSC, Zebra, TEC, Datamax, Argox and many more.
These printers are all supported on Mac OSX and PC.

Fact: Some labelling software is not optimised for thermal label printers, this can result in unreadable barcodes and poorly printed output.

Labeller includes optimisation as standard and even has support for all the printers features such as peelers, rewinders, black mark labels and even butterfly jewellery labels.

Thermal Label Printing From Labeller

Thermal Labelling Built In

Labeller contains direct support for direct thermal and
thermal transfer label printers, TSC, Zebra, TEC, Datamax and Argox
printers are all supported on Mac OSX and PC.

Full control of the printer is there for you to use if you need it,
all the printer settings are accessible straight from the print screen.


Dynamically generate barcodes for your labels.
No Fuss , No Hassle.

Barcode Printing Built In As Standard

Barcode printing is included using the industry standard,
tried and tested, Peninsula barcode engine.

With the Peninsula barcode engine, you can make labels, or even customer id cards
with barcodes all as standard, safe in the knowledge they will scan.

Multiple barcode formats are available including QRCode and DataMatrix
as well as codes for retail and industrial use.
Barcode Printing From Labeller

Built In, Easy Setup, Calculations.

You can create sell by dates, times and other information easily.

Advanced Calculations If You Need Them

You might not need them if you are making simple barcode, text or picture labels, but Labeller includes a complete calculation engine.
Calculations Within Labeller
This allows you to create text and barcodes with embedded information such as due by dates, information from databases and other information.

The power for printing is in your hands.

Built In, No Configuration Database.

Import your information for instant retrieval.

Powerful retrieval when you need it.

Labeller can import your existing data from another application such as Excel.
database Labeller
All you existing data is available within Labeller.

Use it as you need, import more when you need it.

Nothing is impossible.

Quick Retrieval And Lookup.

You can fill in label information with one click.

All you label information stored in one place.

Lookup allows you to have complete control over your labelling.
database lookup
Click the magnifying glass icon to instantly get the information for your label.

Then print it with no effort.

So what are you waiting for, get your labelling working straight away.

Purchase Labeller below.

Labeller Thermal  (In Stock)

Make and print labels direct to your thermal printer
UK £267  - inc vat £320.40
US Dollars $352.44
Euros €315.06

Peninsula Spitfire Printer and Labeller  (In Stock)

Thermal printer for thermal transfer or direct thermal label printing on rolls. 6 inches per second. Complete with all driver software and cables needed. LabelBase
UK £657  - inc vat £788.40
US Dollars $867.24
Euros €775.26

Phoenix II Barcode Reader  (In Stock)

Award winning imaging barcode reader.
No moving parts. Bright LED aiming line.
In Black or Ivory.
Includes Cable, USB or PS2 or RS232
No software required, scans to any application.
UK £57  - inc vat £68.40
US Dollars $75.24
Euros €67.26

Guarantee & Support


We offer full support including Teamviewer remote support for setup.

We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee because we are confident our software will work for you having tested it over 25 years on hundreds of computers.
All our products are fully digitally signed and trusted by Apple and Windows computers.