How to setup a Zebra label printer on Mac OSX

Print super labels on OSX.
Zebra On Mac

Installing your Zebra printer on OSX to print perfect labels is easy using the Peninsula Zebra Printer driver.

Once setup you can print directly from any application direct to your Zebra printer.


First download the mac driver from our download page.

We support all Zebra printers, contact us if you are unsure which to choose.


Run the Zebra Thermal Utility.

Zebra Step One
Step 1: Plug in your Zebra printer and turn it on.


Zebra Step One
Step 2: Choose how your printer is connected.

Zebra Step One
Step 3: Choose your Zebra printer from the list.


Zebra Step One
Step 4: Choose your printer model.

Zebra Step One
Step 5: Select which kind of labels you are using.


Zebra Step One
Step 6: Name your printer to identify it this may include the label type your printing.

Zebra Step One
Step 7: Setup your Zebra's labels sizes.
You can choose from the sizes in the popup list or enter your own custom sizes.
You must add at least one size.


Zebra Step One
Step 8: Choose the application you are printing from.

If you want to print from a Website for example UPS you may need to extract your label for it to print correctly on your Zebra.
Don't worry our driver can do this and instructions are included.

Zebra Step One
Step 9: Click Add Printer to add your Zebra printer to OSX.
That's it you can now print your labels.

"Great driver. Super easy and great functionality. Well done! My IT guy laughed off the idea of thermal printers and macs (in the usual Windows IT guy fashion... all too hard) well it was all too easy! Thanks again! Cheers Jeff
This is a commercial product with full technical support, updates are regularly posted and we can even help you to set it up via TeamViewer.

We provide free support and updates for a year and also offer a 30 day back guarantee.

We have thousands of customers for the product including Apple themselves who have a 100 user license for printing all their shipping labels.
The software is in use worldwide and supports many makes of thermal label printer, including Zebra and many others. So you don’t need to have a Zebra printer to use this product you can use other makes as well.

This driver does not use Java, it takes the output that Amazons website makes and makes it work with your label printer. It is written entirely on OSX and is compatible up to 10.13.

Peninsula Thermal Driver Pricing

Choose your printer make ie Zebra,
from the popup on the shopping cart.
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Drivers are specific to the printer make.
If you have 2 different makes of printer you will need 2 drivers.

If you wish to test the product before purchase please download a demonstration version below.

Download a Demo

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Why Choose Us?.

Here's a few reasons...

  • We are specialist Mac Developers.
  • Used by thousands of companies worldwide.
  • Over 25 years experience.
  • Consistently updated.
  • Comprehensive Professional Support.

"Best support ever. Thanks for your help."

System Requirements.

Apple Mac OSX.

(From OSX 10.8 to 10.13). 512 MB Memory +, Works on Intel Processors.

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Guarantee & Support


We offer full support including Teamviewer remote support for setup.

We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee because we are confident our software will work for you having tested it over 25 years on hundreds of computers.
All our products are fully digitally signed and trusted by Apple and Windows computers.

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