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Choosing The Right Asset Tracking Software For You

Peninsula produce asset tracking software for many different scenarios and types of application, this page is designed to help you choose the correct product for your application.

Fact: Item location and tracking is essential in any business large and small. Time lost in locating stock or assets will never be recovered, thousands of hours are lost each year.

No Previous Knowledge Required

All our products require no prior knowledge of barcodes or asset management. All you need to know is what you want to track, whether it be fixed assets the contents of a library or even paperwork, the choice is yours.

Complete Systems Including Cataloging, Book In And Out, And Barcode Printing As Standard.

All our products require no prior knowledge of barcodes or asset management. All you need to know is what you want to track, whether it be fixed assets the contents of a library or even paperwork, the choice is yours.

Fact: Most asset tracking software expects you to purchase additional modules to cope with Barcode printing, booking assets in and out and internet lookup and cataloguing of assets.

All our asset tracking products include, free of charge, modules which are optional in other products.

This includes automatic catalogue input by retrieving details of books, cd's, videos and dvds from the internet.

Also included as standard is a check in and out capability to allow the loan of assets to other parties. Essential for management of assets such as tools and equipment or loan stock such as books.

This will also allow you to track paperwork or items around an office, factory or workshop.

Barcode printing and reports are not an optional extra in our software, other systems charge for barcode label printing and report printing.

Barcodes and reports are included in all our asset tracking solutions and include a full report and label designer with complete control over the layout and functionality.

Over 25 Years Of Barcode Tracking Expertise

Peninsula have been creating barcode software and hardware for over 25 years, we have some of the best experts in the field worldwide working for us.

Our QuickTrack product has been being constantly improved and updated for the last 10 years and is the only software of its type that supports both Mac OSX and Windows.

We will continue to offer this level of commitment to the product in the future.

Comprehensive Inclusive Support.

We provide QuickTrack with complete support by email and also TeamViewer (remote desktop assistance software).

Peninsula will always reply to emails as quickly as possible making sure you are kept supported at all times.

What we are assuming is that you want to Catalogue and track the location of items, fixed assets, tools, books, videos or other items.

All we need to know is how you want to use it.

1. I only need to use the system on one computer.

For this you require a single computer license for the QuickTrack Pro software, this does not limit the users on that computer who can access the software, simply that it can only be used on one computer.

The software has all the features of the multi computer version, cataloguing of items, registration of users, checking in and out, reservation of items for future pick up, barcode and other labelling and reports.

You can use this system with a database server, for example MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server if you wish, but it is not required to use the software as a database system is built in.

This system is available for a single monthly fee which includes all support, TeamViewer setup and support if required, a barcode reader and some printed barcode labels to get you started.

If you require a barcode printer we can also supply that for you or you can use your own.

Click here to go to details of QuickTrack Pro.

2. I want to use the software on multiple computers.

If you need to network your copy of QuickTrack and use it on multiple computers with one central database of items you will require a multi computer license.

QuickTrack Pro multi computer licenses allow complete coverage across a whole business, department or enterprise. The additional computers simply require a multi computer license purchased from us to be licensed for the use of the software on the other computer as well.

Multiple user licenses do not come with free of charge barcode readers, these can be added to a license for an additional fee.

Click here to go to details of QuickTrack Pro Multi Computer License.

2. We want Asset Tracking software to do something else.

Contact us, we will be able to customise the solution to your needs.

Quick Details:
• Item/Asset Tracking and Loan Software

• Powerful, Professional and easy to use

• Complete system includes Barcode Scanner

• Complete editor for field names and database names making a custom ‘Personality’

• Comprehensive search capabilities

• Full 'Book In' and 'Book Out' system included

• Customisable due back dates and reservations

• Integrated Barcode label creation and printing with industry standard software

• Full reporting and printing capabilities

• Export reports as CSV files for analysis elsewhere

• Retrieve details of CDs, DVD's, Videos and Books via the internet.

• Integrated serial numbering, or use your own numbers

• Import existing data using standard CSV files

• Use the powerful built in database system with no setup

• Needs no other software to function

• Or connect to or create a MySQL or MSSQL database with one click

• Mac OSX and Windows 7,8,10 compatible


• Design & Repro

• Packaging

• Publishing

• Printing

• Retail

• Healthcare and Medical

• Inventory and Stock Control

• Office Automation

• Document Tracking

• Light Industrial

• Asset & Item Tracking

• Goods Receiving & Shipping

• Library Cataloguing