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The Quick And Easy Way To Make Perfect Barcodes
Every Time To International Standards

  • Industry standard barcode creation software.
  • Used by thousands of companies worldwide.
  • Over 170 professional barcode types supported.
  • For Mac OSX and PC Windows.
  • Export vector EPS files and other formats such as PDF.
  • Easy inclusion into your artwork.
  • Works with Illustrator, Quark and InDesign,.
  • Perfect for Graphic, Affinity and others.
  • Professional colour management including spot colours.
  • Accurate to .000001 Micron.
  • Full truncation, scale and BWR (for ink spread).
  • Unique, Integrated Barcode Measurement File Verifier.
  • Fully scriptable for workflow management.
  • Professional options for perfect barcodes.
  • We are a GS1 Member and use barcodes ourselves.
  • Full support included, from the experts.
  • 30 years experience in barcode software.

Peninsula Barcode OSX
Peninsula Barcode Windows

We are a member of GS1 member barcodes the barcode standards agency.
As Used by
and thousands of other companies worldwide.

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"Run the Barcode application and start creating barcodes immediately"
Fact: If you want to make accurate barcodes, you have to choose the right professional software.
If you make inaccurate barcodes for products, retailers will reject the product and you will lose out..

Barcode Creation.
Easy To Use One Click Generation.

1st Click
Simply type the code you require on the main window, shown, press "OK".

Peninsula Barcode OSX
2nd Click
Then click on the code shown, or press 'Export Code" and your barcode is created.

Peninsula Barcode Windows

No Prior Barcode Knowledge Required.

All you need to know is what number you want to make into a barcode.
It helps to know the code type, but this is not always essential as we can help you there.
Simply e-mail us an example and we'll tell you what it is by return.

Fact: Some barcode software does not calculate check digits automatically for barcodes that require them, resulting in barcodes that do not scan.

Barcode X Automatic Check Digit Calculation
All Barcode types that require check digits, such as EAN 13 and ISBN 13 have the check digits automatically calculated and added to the barcode.
This means you can never make a barcode with an incorrect check digit.

Full Size and Scale Controls.

Barcode X can set sizes in %, inches, mm even SC values.

It also provides full control over height and bar width reduction in microns to allow for ink spread in all versions, not as an additional add on.

Even Grip is supported for printing onto metal such as cans.

"Rohin Hattiangadi, says: "It worked right out of the box!! You guys are amazing... I am so impressed!! I was expecting to have to putz around for a few days to get everything working. This is one of the most satisfying product solutions I have experienced in my lifetime.. ""

Scan Existing Barcodes To Create New Ones

With our Barcode generator you can use one of our barcode readers to scan a sample code and bring up the correct type and default settings in Barcode X.

Makes over 170 code types, including the latest standards

We support all the industry standard code types from both GS1 and AIM, so you will never be stuck to make a code.

Barcode also supports all the other types you may wish for, categories include codes for Medical, Industrial, Retail, Publishing and many others.

Ask us if you want to know if your code type is supported.

GS1 13
GS1 datamatrix

Export to standard formats

Make vector based accurate barcodes to use in design software like
Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Quark XPress, Corel Draw, AutoDesk Graphic, Sketch, Affinity Designer
and other applications like
Word, Excel, Pages, Numbers
with custom options such as outlined text and spot colours.

One click makes accurate, standards based, reliable barcodes.

Accurate barcodes
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Advanced Features.
Gives you complete control like no other software.

Dave Aranowitz,, says: "Thank you! You guys do a great job! Please feel free to use us as a reference at anytime ."

Colour Scan Warning

Barcode X has a unique scanability indicator when choosing a colour for your barcodes, to let you know whether it will scan when printed.

Full Colour Support Including Spot Colours

Barcode supports colour libraries and spot colours, even custom spot colours.
No other barcoding software has this facility.

Save Custom Code Types

If you have modified the settings on a code type for a particular customer our barcode software can save these settings in a special menu for recall later.

Drop And Check

Drag and drop a barcode eps made with Barcode X onto the application icon to either make a new one or check the settings such as BWR, Height and Scale, ideal in a repro environment where mistakes can be very costly.

Automatic GS1 128 Generation

Barcode X is the only barcode software on the market that automatically makes GS1 128 (EAN-UCC 128) barcodes without a special editor, simply enter the code as it would appear underneath the barcode and click OK, the application id's are automatically interpreted and the correct format output in the barcode.

Automatic GS1 Databar Coupon Code Generation

Barcode X has a special wizard to allow the easy creation of DataBar Coupon codes, the wizard covers all the fields that can be encoded into a databar coupon, so all you need to do is fill in the boxes and click create.
databar wizard

Barcode Reading Hardware Available

Both our Mac barcode software and our Windows barcode software can be purchased as a bundle complete with our own Phoenix II CCD barcode reader, so you really do have everything you need to make and check your barcodes scan.
barcode scanner
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Dynamically generate barcodes in bulk.
No Fuss , No Hassle.

Generate Barcodes From CSV Files Or As Serial Numbers

Use the built in wizards to automatically create a serial of numbers with one click, or import and create barcodes from a file.
serial numbers

Retailer Specific Code Types

Many code types have specific features related to specific industry sectors and retailers.

We are the only people who support Marks & Spencer code types and are recognised by Marks & Spencer as the only approved supplier.

We also support many other retailers specific code types, for example, Next, Debenhams and Ikea.

If you have a code type we don't do, ask us, most likely we'll add it.

Why Choose Us?
Here's a few reasons...

  • This is Industry standard software.
  • Used by thousands of companies worldwide.
  • Over 25 years experience.
  • Supporting the latest standards.
  • Mac and PC from one supplier.
  • Simple to use, but powerful.
  • Comprehensive options.
  • Full colour support, including spot colours.
  • Colour scan warning for unscannable codes.
  • Over 170 barcode types supported.
  • Multiple export formats.
  • Can export Illustrator EPS files as well as many other formats.
  • Easy inclusion in artwork.
  • Accurate to .001 Micron.
  • Full truncation, scale and BWR (to allow for ink spread).
  • Databar, DataMatrix, QRCode, ISBN 13, ISMN 13, SICI-SISAC support as well as over 120 other code types.
  • Many Retailer Specific Barcode Types, IKEA, M&S, Peacocks and many more.
  • The Only EPS software authorised by Marks & Spencer, Peacocks Stores and others.
  • Custom code style save function.
  • Drop a barcode eps onto barcode to check the settings or make another one.
  • Save a fortune on printing.
  • Reduce mistakes and errors.
  • Comprehensive Professional Support.

Chaz,, says: " You guys are the Best!
Thanks very much!"

System Requirements.

Apple Mac OSX.
(From OSX 10.6 to 10.13 ). 512 MB Memory +, Works on Intel Processors.

PC Windows.
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10 . 1GB Memory +.
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Guarantee & Support

We include full support including Teamviewer remote support for setup even before you purchase.

We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee because we are confident our software will work for you having tested it over 30 years on hundreds of computers.
All our products are fully digitally signed and trusted by Apple and Windows computers.