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Mac Business Plan Software

Business Planning Software for Mac OSX

Produce business plans quickly and easily on your mac

• Create professional plans with no prior knowledge

• Full step by step instructions, full financials included

• Produces complete plans, no additional software required

• No subscription required, no internet connection needed

• 25 years of experience, fully updated every year

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Plan your business
From start to finish, the easy way!

Our Business Plan software gives you power and simplicity, in an easy to use package in order to achieve your goal of producing a Business plan on a Mac or a PC.

The information is built in

Business Plan allows you to produce Business plans quickly and effectively with no knowledge of how to layout and organise a plan.

Work whenever you want to

This is a standard application for your Mac (OSX) or PC (Windows) computer and is not based online.
Work through the sections

Business Plan takes you through all the sections, asking you relevant questions and allowing you to fill in the answers yourself.

Examples are shown on every page to help you produce a professional business plan in the minimum time possible.

Business Planning Software Menu
Complete financials

All the figures for Cash Flow and Budgets are entered in easy to understand charts which are then compiled and calculated to produce the plans' figures. These include Profit & Loss and Balance Sheets for up to five years. Show Me How

Professional printing and export

If you prefer to use another application to layout your plan, you can export the plan to be used in any other Mac application, or you can print straight from the Business Plan software.

You can also export the figures as a csv file to use elsewhere such as Excel or Numbers on your Mac. Show Me
"Planning my new business was easy.
The simple steps make it foolproof.

Plus I was using my own information and ideas, not using pre built information like some other products.

I could even use my Mac computer."

"My Bank Manager told me it was refreshing to see a business plan that was completely original.

Thank you Peninsula."
"My accountant has been telling me I need a business plan for years.

Now I have a simple way to make them, I can make as many as I want to, go back and edit the information.

Best of all I only have to pay one fee."
Complete control over your output

There are layout options from within the program and you can use any fonts and sizes that you wish when printing.

Choose what to print or export, Business plan even creates a table of contents for you.

You can print out complete documents straight from your Mac.

Cover all your bases

Business Plan also includes a legal section to make sure you have covered the intellectual property contained within your plan.

Business Plan auto saves your plan and figures as you go, meaning you can't lose your work, no matter whether you are on a Mac. The file format is crash proof so even a power cut won't stop you.

The file format is cross platform so you can share your plan with other colleagues even on different operating systems.
Business Planning Software Sections

Use original information

Business Plan does not use pre-made answers like other products, making sure the plan you make is your own.

Once the plan is finished you can go back and alter sections until you have what you want.

All the sections of an international standard business plan are covered, fully broken down and explained.

Business Plan can even paste information from Excel or Numbers straight in.
Tools to build investment

What does Business Plan give you?

• Complete plan with full text editing

• Complete financial breakdown

• Business ratios and break evens

• Easy figures forecasting

• Paste from Excel and Numbers

• Images, charts and graphs

• Expert help and guidance

Once you have completed your plan, reviewed it and printed it, you are ready to go.

Business Plan has all the tools to make a professional plan for your investors, straight on your Mac.

Don't miss out on the investment you need, use Business Plan to achieve your goals.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions

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