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Thermal Driver OSX 10.7
Peninsula Thermal Printer Driver for OSX
Print Directly To A Thermal or Thermal Transfer Printer From Any Application.
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• Fully OSX Compatible
• Print directly from OSX applications

Drives TEC, Zebra, Brady, Datamax, Tharo, SATO, Intermec IPL, TSC and many more

Unique Page Extraction Feature
• Control over Printer Specific Options
• Print Speed, Thermal, Thermal Transfer Etc
• Uses Standard OSX Installer
• Direct USB on printers
• Also prints to LPR print servers
• Also prints to Bluetooth printers

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"Need to use a Thermal or Thermal Transfer Printer on Mac OSX then you need this driver..."

The Peninsula Mac Thermal Driver for OSX allows any Mac OSX computer to print directly to most thermal printers using the standard print dialogs!

Designed to be as user friendly as possible, the Peninsula Mac OSX thermal printer driver includes a setup utility which installs and sets up the printer while installing. All you need to do is plug the printer in and choose your printer from the popup menu.

Use Professionally Or At Home

Whether you have a small home based business, work for an SME or even in a department at a corporation, if you need to print labels this product can help you. printing labels with a thermal label printer is much more efficient than an inkjet or laser.

Prints From Any Application

You can also print from any application that prints correctly on OSX, this includes applications like Filemaker, and 4D. So labels can be printed anywhere, anytime..

Full Control Over Printer Features

When printing from other applications, you have full control over print speed, heat settings even the resolution. Simply choose the settings in the Printer Specific Features of the print dialog..

Print from ANY application with control over printer specific options, like:

• Direct Thermal / Thermal Transfer
• Speed
• Heat
• Resolution

Unique Page Extraction Feature

Some applications such as those written in java have problems with printing to small label size pages, they just assume all pages are A4. To combat this we have invented and introduced page extraction.

Page extraction allows you to specify part of the page to be used as the label, in this way even with the page size set to A4 or Letter you can produce a 4 x 6 or any other size label.

You can adjust the page size and where the label is taken from in the page using the Printer Features, the driver will then use this and only this to print the label.

Printer Specific Features

Depending on your printer make and model different features are available some printers may have additional built in features to others, these are shown in the printer specific dialogs.

Multi User Versions Available

The Peninsula Mac thermal printer driver comes in Single User and Multi User versions, so no matter how many things you are shipping you can do it all on a Mac. It will work with both usb connected and ethernet connected printers so as long as your computer has the driver installed and a license you can print to your printer.

Complete OSX Compatibility With Universal Binary Support.

The Peninsula Mac thermal printer driver works with all Macs running OSX 10.4 and above, this includes OSX 10.8. The Safari plugin for UPS website use (included free of charge) is universal which means it works on both PPC and Intel processor Macs, so whatever Mac you have the printer will work.

Compatible Thermal Printers.

The Peninsula Mac thermal printer driver works with hundreds of different printers including.

• Peninsula Spitfire Thermal Printers

• Now with support for all TSC Printers ie TTP-245ce (Click For Common Models)

• Zebra EPL & Compatible Printers ie Zebra LP2844 (Click For Common Models)

• Zebra ZPL & Compatible Printers ie Zebra GK420 (Click For Common Models)

• Datamax & Compatible Printers ie i4208 (Click For Common Models)

• Brady Thermal Printers ie Brady 600 Plus II (Click For Common Models)

• Tharo H & V Series Printers

• Intermec C4 and other Intermec ESim printers

• TEC Language Printers ie B-SV4 (Click For Common Models)

• UPS Thermal Printers ie UPS 2844 (Click For Common Models)

• Sato Thermal Printers ie CL408 (Click For Common Models)

• Epson BAT-500 Specialist printers

• Intermec IPL language Thermal Printers

• Argox PPLA, PPLB, PPLZ printers

• Citizen CLP printers

• TSC printers

Download It Here

Follow the link below to download a demonstration driver.

Download A Demo

In the demo, the label is overprinted with the word Peninsula.

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Mac Thermal Printer Driver (OSX) 1 Computer

Half Price Offer (Discount shown) WAS £150
  half price

Printer driver for OSX to print to Eltron, Zebra, Intermec, Datamax and other Thermal Printers (see website for compatibility).

£75 - UK inc vat £90.00
US Dollars $127.50
Euros €93.00

(In Stock)

Mac Thermal Printer Driver (OSX) 5 Computer License 1 SITE

Printer driver for OSX to print to Eltron, Zebra, Intermec, Datamax and other Thermal Printers (see website for compatibility).

£250 - UK inc vat £300.00
US Dollars $425.00
Euros €310.00

(In Stock)

Mac Thermal Printer Driver (OSX) 10 Computer License 1 SITE

Printer driver for OSX to print to Eltron, Zebra, Intermec, Datamax and other Thermal Printers (see website for compatibility).

£450 - UK inc vat £540.00
US Dollars $765.00
Euros €558.00

(In Stock)

Peninsula Spitfire Label Printer (OSX)

Thermal printer for thermal transfer or direct thermal label printing on rolls. 1-6 inches per second. Complete with all driver software and cables needed.

£499 - UK inc vat £598.80
US Dollars $848.30
Euros €618.76

(In Stock)

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