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• Full height and width control
• Compatible with all printers including inkjets
• Makes over 120 different barcode types
• Fully MAC-PC cross platform compliant
• Fully MAC OSX compatible including 10.10
• Works with all versions of windows including XP and inc 7 and 8
• Codes are accurate to 100th of a micron
• Free delivery via Email


• Retail
• Healthcare and Medical
• Inventory and Stock Control
• Office Automation
• Document Tracking
• Light Industrial
• Asset Tracking
• Item Tracking
• Library Applications
• Goods Receiving
• Goods Shipping

Barcode For 4D

Make Barcodes in 4D
Easily Adjust Height, and Width
Full Control Over All Barcodes
As Standard!

Now Supports Datamatrix 2D Barcodes and 4D SQL v12 and v13

Create Barcodes Quickly On 4D Layouts

Barcode for 4D allows you to create and print custom barcodes directly on 4D layouts.

No Scripts Needed, Automatic Barcode Generation

Bar codes are made from the data in your fields and are updated instantly when a field changes.

No Linked Fields, Relationships Or Extra Files Needed

Self generating within 4D. No need for separate software applications. Simply add the barcode field to your layout set up the object method to link it to the data field and print.

To See How click here.

Easy to use, Quick barcode Generation.

With just a few simple steps, your database can produce barcodes automatically, that are as accurate as your printer.

Standard 4D Plugin Extension.

Barcode for 4D, gives you full control over size, shape and even bar width reduction from within 4D as an external function.

Generates as a Function Within 4D.

Self generating within 4D. No need for separate software applications. Simply add the barcode field to your layout set up the object method to link it to the data field and print.

For more details click here.

One Universal Font Makes all Barcode Types, In all Sizes.

Contrary to popular belief Barcode fonts do work as long as they are correctly designed. Our special font Barcode developed over 15 years is free to download and can make all the the barcode types Barcode for 4D supports. One font for all types and heights unlike any other product.

Barcode for 4D can make all common bar code types, including EAN13, EAN8, UPCA UPC12), UPCE, Code39, Code 128 and EAN128, many other European, American and Worldwide barcode types are also supported.

The Barcode Font is Free to Use.

You can use the font to view and print barcodes on any machine for free. You only need a license if you make barcodes on a machine. Take for example a packaging manufacturer, the graphics department can use their computer to make the barcodes and incorporate them into the design of their labels. These can then be sent to other departments to review, print etc. However if the company wanted to make barcodes on additional computers then they would require multiple user licenses.

Full Printer Support.

Works with ALL PRINTERS including Inkjets, we guarantee it.

With over 18 years experience in barcode solutions we have developed a system which ensures that barcodes will print, in any size or scale, on any printer

Why Not Download The Free Demo And Use Our Tutorial To Make Your Barcodes And See For Yourself How Easy It Is.

Apple Mac
: Mac 7.1 to OS 9 and OSX including 10.10
IBM Compatible PC
Windows 95,98, NT,2000,ME and XP, inc 7 and 8
Works with 4D 6.8 and above

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Barcode X 4D All Code Types£112
UK inc vat £134.40
US Dollars $166.88
Euros €153.44
(In Stock)

Barcode X 4D All Code Types (10 Computer License 1 Site)£375
UK inc vat £450.00
US Dollars $558.75
Euros €513.75
(In Stock)

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Our No-Nonsense Licensing Policy

We have a no-nonsense licensing policy.
Everything you need to make bar codes in 4D is included in the price.

We include our Barcode Font free of charge.
You do not need any extra fonts or anything else.

Licensing is per machine that the Plug-In is installed on.
If you create bar codes on a machine you must buy a license for it,
but you can view and print the codes from any copy of 4D
using the free Barcode Font included.

You can have the Barcode Font on
as many machines as you like for no extra charge.

"If you have any questions Email us. We are here to help you"

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